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Turning Point School

575 S. Water Street

Monticello, FL 32344



Program Overview:

The purpose of the Turning Point Academy, Jefferson County’s Alternative School, is to provide students who have difficulty succeeding academically and/or behaviorally in a traditional school setting with an education setting that is tailored to meet their individual needs. Turning Point currently serves grades 6 through 12, including students identified as ESE. All students are given accommodations to help them succeed in the classroom and beyond.


Our goal at Turning Point is to equip our students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to succeed in the classroom and beyond, while maintaining and accelerating academic progress.


Course Offerings:

Turning Point is currently providing instruction in 34 courses, including all core content areas and elective courses. Turning Point uses the EdGenuity platform to deliver the curriculum and aide with instruction. Through EdGenuity, Turning Point has the ability to offer over 850 courses.  


Behavior Management:

Student behavior is tracked daily using a point system to track student behaviors and create accountability for students. Students can earn up to 100 points per week under the current system. The goal for each student is to earn at least 90 points per week. 


Student Achievement:

At Turning Point, 80% of students are currently making satisfactory or accelerated progress. Currently, 72% of students are earning passing grades in all core and elective classes. 


Student Enrichment Time:

Turning Point provides students with daily enrichment time to engage in social-emotional learning, life and career skills instruction, and future planning and goal setting. Students are also provided with opportunities to explore fine arts and vocational studies during enrichment time. 


Potential Growth:

Turning Point has the space to create a year-round credit recovery lab, which could be used to implement an acceleration/recovery program to catch students up or accelerate their academics. Summer recovery programs can be implemented to help students earn the credits needed to return to their grade level cohorts. 



Turning Point is currently staffed with an administrator, a middle school teacher, a high school teacher, a paraprofessional, and a School Resource Officer. Turning Point is also served on a weekly basis by a behavior specialist and a social worker.


Coordinator - Allyn Howard


Middle School Teacher - Scot Robertson


High School Teacher - Kendra Thomas


Paraprofessional - Brenda Francis


School Resource Officer (SRO) - Jerry Blackmon

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