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School Registrar Job Opening

School Registrar

Please e-mail your resume to Principal Jackie Pons at

Salary Range: $36,000 - $41,228 Full Time: 8 Hours per day

Education/Experience: A.A. Degree with three years related experience; or High School diploma or equivalent with five years related experience.

Job Duties:

- Coordinate and conduct student registration and pre-registration. Process corresponding registration materials. Includes preparation for registration process.

- Enter new students into the appropriate admissions/enrollment records. Includes administering and interpreting policies regarding student admission, re admission, late registration, etc.

- Evaluate transcripts of transfer students. Determine course work applicability and/or equivalency toward program completion.

- Coordinate and/or manage the preparation, administration, and issuance of transcripts. This includes administering and interpreting policies regarding the preparation, transfer, and release of transcripts.

- General Assist students with course selections, assignments, scheduling and placement.

- Compile, maintain and interpret records of individual students. Monitor access to and provide security for confidential records.

- Accumulate and maintain records of enrollment, family characteristics, home locations, and other census data.

- Schedule students for special programs, screening, testing, etc.

- Handle requests from parents regarding transfers, complaints, and discipline.

- Collect and process end-of-semester grades. Coordinate the update of transcripts.

- Compile appropriate records on school withdrawals. Monitoring and maintaining records of school withdrawals.

- Complete and process applications or forms, excluding funded program items.

- Code registration, student change, teacher information, grade, attendance, and other forms for data processing. This activity includes reviewing completed forms for accuracy and completeness.

- Set up and organize files and manuals; count and alphabetize records; keep files up to date; distribute as needed.

- Perform other duties as assigned.

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