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Maintenance Worker Job Opening

Maintenance Worker

Job Type: Full-time; Monday - Friday

Pay: $15 per hour


Health insurance

Dental insurance

Vision insurance

Life insurance

Paid time off.

School type:

Public school – Jefferson County K12 School in Monticello, Florida

Education/Experience: High School Diploma or equivalent with no related experience required.

Job Duties:

• Grounds Maintenance - Clean and maintain grounds, parking areas, etc. Cut grass. Maintain athletic fields. Repair pavement. Maintain fence line, irrigation system, bleachers, trim bushes, and trees. Animal control as required.

• General Cleaning - Clean offices, halls, corridors, classrooms, cafeterias, restrooms, library, conference rooms, and other interior facilities. Operates cleaning equipment to perform job duties.

• Safety Inspections - Inspect facilities, vehicles, and entire property for safety problems.

• Equipment Repair and Maintenance Activities associated with administering and performing repair and maintenance on machines and other equipment.

• Equipment Set up/Breakdown Move or set up furniture or equipment (e.g., computers, bleachers, and sports equipment). Arrange rooms/auditoriums. Remove furniture or equipment after the event and clean the area as required.

• Vehicle Maintenance - Repairing and maintaining vehicles.

• Building Operations - Carpentry Shape and/or assemble structural woodwork within one or more facilities.

• Distribution Deliver - materials, supplies, laundry, food, and equipment to departments.

• Painting - Apply color, pigment or paint to areas as assigned.

• In-Service Training - Participates in appropriate in service training.

• Assigned Duties - Perform other duties as assigned.

• General Classification Specification Factors:

Please e-mail your resume to Nathaniel Woods at

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