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Principal (K-12) Job Opening

Salary Range: $86,000 - $96,990

Full Time Position

Education/Experience: M.A. Degree with six years related experience; and Appropriate educational certification/license.

Job Description: This position requires decision-making which addresses major problems and policies which impact numerous organizational units, schools and/or the entire District. The position provides significant leeway to set objectives and determine methodology or techniques to accomplish results. Supervision applies to one or more cost centers with full responsibility for results in terms of costs, methods, and personnel administration.

Job Duties:

  • Staff Development and Training Responsible for assuring all staff development and training needs are provided.

  • Evaluation, Supervision & Hiring Responsible for the hiring, supervision, and evaluation of all school-based employees including teachers, clerical, paraprofessionals, maintenance, food service, transportation, district personnel on site, and parents and community volunteers.

  • Monitor campus (including the cafeteria and grounds). General student supervision and control. Administer rules and regulations regarding student conduct.

  • Discipline students referred from teachers and staff. Confer with parents/agency representatives regarding discipline cases.

  • Coordinate and schedule appointments, class schedules, room assignments, test dates, counseling, etc. Develop and distribute course listing. Maintain a calendar as necessary to track such appointments.

  • Health Responsible for the clinic, student health, dispensing of medication, and transportation to hospitals.

  • Responsible for all federal, state, and local standards for health and safety (including, OSHA, etc.), maintenance of building and grounds, renovation and alteration to facility and safety. On call 24 hours a day.

  • Visit classrooms and periodically review all areas of the building and grounds.

  • Responsible for the proper care, storage, and inventory of all school property. Additionally, responsible for the allocation of all school property within the school facility

  • Attend meetings involving groups such as staff, other administrative personnel, etc., that are non-instructional in nature and content.

  • Meet with teachers regarding classroom management, student behavior, district programs, or other school matters that are instructional in nature and content.

  • Assist with planning and preparation for school, including enrollment, staff orientation, etc.

  • Manage or coordinate the activities of an academic/vocational department or grade level(s). Develop department goals and objectives, operating procedures, organization structure and plan and organize the work of subordinates.

  • Coordinate and administer special on or off campus programs or campus activities (e.g., tutoring, Compensatory Ed., substance abuse programs, etc.).

  • Schedule students for special programs, screening, testing, etc.

  • Compile, maintain and interpret records of individual students. Monitor access to and provide security for confidential records.

  • Prepare periodic reports which involve compiling and/or reporting such items as student-teacher ratios and other similar subjects.

  • Assist students in obtaining financial aid such as vocational rehabilitation scholarships, childcare, etc.

  • Handle processing for truancy and law violation matters; investigate drug and theft problems.

  • Serve on all district committees as required.

  • Responsible for the coordination with all outside agencies, such as HRS, Juvenile Justice, Guardian Ad Litem, local police departments, etc.

  • Responsible for obtaining additional grant funds.

  • Required to attend Court Hearings when subpoenaed, give depositions, and maintain all records.

  • Responsible for weapons searches, drug searches, maintenance of a violence free environment, internal investigation reports, and the reporting of crime to the local police.

  • Supervise and monitor all student transportation services.

  • Monitor and supervise all extracurricular student activities such as athletic events, clubs, dances, and field trips.

  • Supervise all after school care programs.

  • Conduct all purchasing, vendor coordination, contract negotiation.

  • Generate funds by tracking student enrollment, monitor all internal accounts, participate in all audits, and supervision of expenditures from all funds.

  • Attending student/teacher/employee and volunteer recognition, interacting with the business community and general public, coordinate programs with various local governments. Interact with media.

  • Perform other duties as assigned.

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